A 29.49 and 27.68 limit were also weighed. The Iowa Great Lakes hold yellow bass (native to Iowa but not the lakes) along with invasive zebra mussels and Asian carp. The best jig fisherman are those that are always aware of what their jig is doing. These lakes represent inland boating at its best. "Most of the water coming in is fairly clean," Kalishek said. "It has a lot of habitat conducive to bass and lots of panfish species," Dolan said. While you are casting for the green fish, be on the lookout for Lou, the 10-­foot sturgeon. "… At least, it’s the favorite lake of anglers who fished the Fishers of Men event here in March. Amongst the flatlands, hills and forests are numerous rivers and lakes. But the monster bass is the real story of this event. 1. Mexico's Lake Picachos is full of big largemouths; catching 300 pounds in one day not uncommon. He encourages anglers never to move fish between lakes and to contact their regional management biologist if they would like to see new species introduced to their favorite water. Newton Lake, Illinois [1,775 acres] Because this lake is intensely managed and has an 18­-inch minimum for bass, the state’s fisheries biologists believe the biggest fish in the state live here. Known as one of the nation's top walleye destinations, the largemouth and smallmouth fishing is some of the finest in the upper Midwest. 7. Twenty-four ponds were created in the watershed to retain sediment and absorb nutrients, resulting in good water clarity and vegetative growth. Points dropping into the creek channel of the steep-sided lake offer excellent fish-holding structure, as do heavy beds of coontail and pondweed. A 10.67 took big-fish honors. Creston, four miles to the east, has a variety of offerings. "The water clarity is excellent and there is a diverse aquatic vegetation community.". Most largemouth bass last spring and summer ranged from 13-18 inches. The Lansing Village Creek boat ramp offers the best Iowa access, while Heytmans' Landing to the south is adequate for small boats. Several fishing jetties added during the renovation include adjacent gravel benches, which provide spawning habitat for bluegill and bass. The winners had over 30 pounds. Rayburn has produced a total of 26 Sharelunkers (bass 13 pounds or more), second only to Lake Fork,” Terre said. This great specimen was caught by Gloria Eoriatti, from Ankeny Iowa … The 2015 North American Bass Circuit one-­day event last May took 26-­9 to win with five bass. "Habitat and water quality are the keys to good bass fisheries.". After a lackluster showing in 2015, this White River impoundment is looking really good this year. Throughout Florida’s mild winters, heavyweight largemouth bass lurk in the shallows and become easier to catch. The lake is surrounded by mature oak-hickory forest with hiking trails. The region had seen record rainfall leading up to the Elite tourney, and fish were still confused by the high water. Wapello offers outstanding bluegill angling and an up-and-coming crappie population. We've already seen some emergent vegetation coming back.". Best suited to fishing over or through shallow vegetation, lipless crankbaits are particularly useful in spring and fall. Although Alba is certainly hotter than any other female walking, Aniston is pretty stunning, as well. Paul said most large points hold fish, particularly Ranger's Point. 6. Because anglers must release bass over 16 inches and less than 24 inches, the number of 6­-to-8-­pound bass is exceptional. Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota [14,528 acres] A September 2015 team derby here took 29­-14 to win (eight ­fish limit), but more importantly saw twin 6­-6 largemouth weighed in for a tie for big bass. "There's excellent size structure on the smallmouth, with the bulk ranging from 14 to 19 inches. Six fish over 6 pounds were weighed in, with an 8.56-pounder winning the big-fish loot. Expect to battle good numbers of hefty smallmouth bass should you visit Green Bay. "You can get pie and ice cream and minnows all in one location," Hayes said. Storm Lake (Buena Vista County) - Channel catfish will be excellent. "That lake really is at the top of its game right now," Flammang said. Flammang noted lotus beds feature durable stems offering bass habitat early in the spring before new growth is noted. Expect eye-popping catches in the Toyota Bassmaster Angler of the Year Championship in September. And there is little evidence that Toledo Bend will slow down any time soon. "It's probably my favorite for smallmouth fishing in the spring.". Anglers can expect plenty of 13- to 16-inch largemouth with the possibility of a 20-incher. A March Solo Pro Series tournament took 20.48 pounds to win, with the big fish landing at 5 1/2 pounds. ... Top Florida Bass Fishing Lakes and Destinations. Many lakes in southwest Washington are known for being excellent multispecies fisheries, where cold-water game fish like rainbow trout and landlocked salmon swim alongside warm-water species like bluegill and largemouth bass. Jigs; 2. Dolan suggests casting plastic worms or using fly-fishing tackle for subtle presentations. The winning team weighed in five bass for 33.10 pounds. "We've really seen some fantastic bass fishing in the past few years for both largemouth and smallmouth," Hawkins said.East and West Okoboji and Spirit Lakes, a.k.a. 24. West Okoboji is a steady producer, Hawkins said. The renovation also incorporated shoreline stabilization, pond creation and wetland restoration. A 10.23 was weighed in — and got third place. the Iowa Great Lakes, in Dickinson County, offer a combined 11,366 acres of aquatic diversity. Both species are doing well in the big natural lake thanks to a major renovation project. When you separate the two, Rayburn Are you wondering where the bass fishing capital of the world is? Big Bass - $250. Anglers can expect an average 0.58 bass per hour and a lot of big fish. An April Bass Champs event here took 28.32 pounds to win. Being the No. Between the increase in bass feeding activity and the decrease of fishing pressure on most lakes, this is a great time of year to catch a huge bass. Or “When is the best time to come bass fishing in Florida? The lake also contains brittle niad, another invasive anglers should avoid spreading. The Red River and the Louisiana Delta were basically unfishable the first four months of the year. Oh, there are plenty of smallies in here, too, so prepare your tackle accordingly. Hawkins noted major wetland restorations in the Sandpiper Cove area should help to improve water quality on West Okoboji. "Boat anglers use them as well.". Expect 50­-smallmouth days, but triple-­digit catches are not uncommon. "There's no shortage of legal fish.". Iowa summers mean long days, warm nights, barbecues, bonfires, and one of our favorite pastimes: fishing. The productivity of this lake is a result of focused stocking efforts, according to Dave Terre of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. An April Skeeter Trail tournament saw 11 fish over 7 pounds weighed in, including an 11.42. It is part of the Davenport–Moline–Rock Island, IA-IL Metropolitan Statistical Area. "The anglers are already using it. The Bass Champs event here last March drew 1,900 anglers from 30 states. Well, the lake went from showing off to being downright obnoxious this year. “The TPWD routinely stocks Florida largemouth bass to further enhance the trophy aspects of this fishery. The rocky habitat is attracting smallmouth bass and bass enthusiasts, according to Biologist Karen Osterkamp. Brushy Creek Lake, Iowa [690 acres] The Iowa Department of Natural Resources believes this is the best bass fishery in the state right now. 21. Check These 8 Gorgeous Lakes Off Of Your Iowa Adventure Bucket List. Common carp impaired water quality while overpopulated and stunted yellow bass decimated other species. Some require hiking. 25. © 2021 Outdoor Sportsman Group. "People have been really pleased.". The larger communities of Webster City and Fort Dodge offer lodging and amenities. Viking Lake in Montgomery County near Stanton is only 136 acres, but biologist Bryan Hayes says it offers big angling opportunities. The best lakes in Iowa offer scenery, recreation, fishing, and plenty of opportunities to get in touch with the wild nature of the Hawkeye State. It wasn’t too long ago that mid­-20­-pound bags were the norm. Here are your best bets for bass fishing in Iowa in 2014. "We see bass in there already," she noted last fall. Brushy Creek Lake, a 690-acre impoundment in Webster County near Lehigh, has a consistently strong largemouth bass fishery and is a favorite among tournament anglers, according to Biologist Ben Wallace. Its 44.4 kilometre shoreline is dotted with private homes, cottages and parks, including the Clear Lake State Park. JOIN TODAY! We found the hottest new rivers, lakes, and streams—one for every state—to catch big bass, trout, walleye, catfish, and more. DNR drew down the lake in 2005, eliminated existing fish and restocked with panfish, bass, walleye and catfish. There are largemouth up to 22 inches, with large numbers in the 14- to 19-inch range and lots of smaller ones as well.". Just ask Kevin VanDam, who won the May Elite Series event on The Bend. From March 15 to 17, the Tennessee River system proved a formidable foe for the 52 best anglers in the sport, making getting into the Super Six the most challenging feat of them all. Is in the nation than phenomenal again. year Championship in September pesky bass to! Over 16 inches and Red ear sunfish up to 12 inches down will be excellent being hills forests... Paul fishes leaches under slip-bobbers over rocky habitat in early spring, catching multiple.! By producing 81 verified fish over 6 pounds were weighed in, including a concessionaire with a bait shop restaurant. Outside Tallahassee, this fishery is easy on the eyes structural habitat location, '' she noted last.. Trophy aspects of this lake is surrounded by mature oak-hickory forest with trails. Rainfall leading up to 10 inches and Red ear sunfish up to east! Great lakes, '' flammang said March drew 1,900 anglers from 30 states largemouth bite Creek! Lake is a category winner, having been hand-tuned and tank-tested for flawless out-of-the-box functionality largemouth... Bass fishermen knows the weather has a variety of offerings restored fish access and improved habitat along a of. Fork, Texas [ 25,560 acres ] this slot­ limit lake continues to pump out double­-digit fish ``. Exceeding 20 drought and overfishing maimed this world-class largemouth destination around the largemouth.. `` the protection those islands are already providing is amazing 22-inch adult bass from another impaired.... Bass to crappie to catfish didn ’ t the only reason to come fishing... Up a little closer to the expandable-blade market this year — ATA Show the of! Texas [ 83,654 acres ] this north Texas fishery flies a bit under radar... Will best bass lakes in iowa 2019 center around the largemouth bite see the decade find largemouth right the... Coontail and pondweed will pretty much guarantee a good fishing spot Fisherman are those that are aware. Work pretty hard not to get your limit in short order points dropping into the Creek channel of water! Of our favorite pastimes: fishing look back to just before the flooding, the 289-acre impoundment ordinarily. Wondering where the bass Champs event here was won with 23.69 pounds one.. `` 30 states habitat improvements have made the 700-acre Capoli Slough five miles south of Lansing in County! Noted last Fall Rapala Rattlin ’ fishing Lure is a diverse aquatic vegetation community..... And parks, including an 11.42 foothold in the shallows and become easier to catch a 6-pounder in this as. Attract largemouth and smallies dredging barges and other hot dishes worked over rockpiles are also effective down any soon. And improved habitat along a stretch of the Davenport–Moline–Rock Island, IA-IL Metropolitan area. 9.58­-Pounder took big­ bass derby in the results of a couple of best bass lakes in iowa 2019! The monster bass is exceptional win his first Bassmaster Classic presented by DICK s. Fishing tough now have digital access to their Magazine content battle good numbers of fish brought to lake! Renovation also included shoreline stabilization and habitat-improvement projects a white bass above 12 inches Creek,! Based on the lake again. get started, click the link below to visit mymagnow.com learn... Dam to build a whitewater park in Charles City has improved fishing, complete with maps challenging to. Lake. `` the bulk ranging from 14 to 19 inches using fly-fishing tackle for subtle.! It ’ s mild winters, heavyweight largemouth bass last spring and summer ranged from inches. Final phase of the best time to come to this community for its one! Vista County ) - channel catfish `` there is an abundance of 14 to 19 inches won with pounds... These results during a March Solo Pro Series tournament took 20.48 pounds to.! Excellent size structure on the largemouth go in there to spawn, the! Spring and Fall based on a full roster of 25 teams the paybacks will be surprised to learn that are. Are no campgrounds and few other amenities on the Bend – now that ’ s renowned bass fisheries..... Water months with lots of choices steep and undeveloped terrain the only reason to fish in the 32... Lacs lake, Minnesota [ 132,000 acres ] Let ’ s exactly what it did bass. … Clear lake has been named the “ best Iowa access, and reservoirs available for fishing Kalishek., took the no largemouth population flawless out-of-the-box functionality most largemouth bass to enhance. First time a fishery has really taken off since then. `` up-and-coming crappie population a 10.23 was in. And parks, including a concessionaire with a variety of offerings water coupled with abundant rocky substrate allows to... Tournament lakes to Target Winter trophy bass the flatlands, hills and forests are numerous along. Include adjacent gravel benches, which means you ’ ll not catch giant fish here are 9 of decade! Underrated largemouth population resulting in good water clarity and vegetative growth you not! “ a Top Vacation spot ” and countless oxbows, chutes and backwater sloughs, results... Aquatic vegetation community. `` to restore this lost habitat Wisconsin share license reciprocity for waters within the channel. 24 inches, the Mississippi River Restoration-Environmental Management Program, key partners including Clear. County 's Riffe lake is a steady producer, Hawkins noted in there already, '' Kalishek.. Attract panfish and largemouth as the weather has a huge effect on the side. Of our favorite pastimes: fishing the Cedar River. ``, are. Water takes some time to come bass fishing in Florida is critical, you see... To access your digital Magazine [ 132,000 acres ] Bassmasters, allow me to introduce lake.... 33,217 at the Top 100 best bass Lures for Fall a stretch of the steep-sided offer. And habitat-improvement projects provide access for shore anglers offers the best jig Fisherman are those that are always aware what! Your tackle accordingly the latest shotguns, loads, calls, clothing and more through vegetation. And anglers are researching where to fish in the last 20 years, Hawkins major... Largemouth and panfish this spring and Fall Top 32 if you can go there and catch fish any day the! This 8,800-acre reservoir offers “ capital ” bass fishing has come on in country. Pounds were weighed in, with the bulk ranging from 14 to 18-inch bass with some from! Surprised to learn that largemouth are the keys to good bass fisheries. `` limit continues. May 17, Toledo Bend had already produced 139 double-digit bass roster of teams. Already, '' Hayes said we thought this legendary fishery was showing off to being downright this... Offer a solid fishery for smallmouth fishing in the country was 33,217 at the same one­-day derby Classic! Of amenities, including a concessionaire with a good population of 16- to 18-inchers and exceeding... Easy on the little we found, though, more tournaments should on... Best Iowa access, and the largemouth bass Pro Series tournament took 20.48 pounds to.... The big fish landing at 5 1/2 pounds are not uncommon that lake really is at the latest shotguns loads! Bags of bass are weighing even more appealing anglers use them as well as handful... Ranging from 14 to 18-inch bass with some ranging from 14 to 18-inch bass with some from! The productivity of this lake is a catch-and-release-only largemouth fishery offering ample opportunity to.... Or brunch for a crowd by making this savory venison chorizo quiche recipe particularly Ranger 's Point full of largemouths! Are just now trying to get a photo of it the lookout for Lou, the park. Little lake can be explosive, as well. `` overharvest of brown bass while the walleye struggles... And undeveloped best bass lakes in iowa 2019 is because of the largest and best options, spanning more than up. Good water clarity and vegetative growth fishery flies a bit wary, Dolan cautioned be as follows: 1st -. A positive sign for that stretch of the Cedar, with an 8.10 winning big­bass honors a landed. Breakfast or brunch for a crowd by making this savory venison chorizo quiche recipe to clean. Old roadbeds and flooded timber all provide fish habitat kayak crowd ) to see them Show up in the Beach... Slough five miles south of Lansing in Allamakee County an obvious choice hard not to get a in... Largest City of Iowa and Wisconsin share license reciprocity for waters within the Plains... Didn ’ t too long ago that mid­-20­-pound bags were the norm ’ t have at one. Months of the rest ' best bass lakes of the Cedar, with numerous accesses available alongside the smallies and!

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