Not sure why. I have at least four different inexpensive 6-inch digital calipers that I’ve bought from Harbor Freight and Grizzly. I had been using a mixture of Harbor Freight digital calipers and a older Mitutoyo dial caliper. This digital caliper’s stainless steel construction allows you to get metric or SAE decimal readings even in harsh conditions. This digital caliper?s stainless steel construction allows you to get metric or SAE decimal readings even in harsh conditions. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. If you enjoyed this article, please consider sharing it! The one I use regularly didn’t come from Harbor Freight, but I got it on Ebay. Also, I’m we’re Energizer 357 batteries in these calipers… They’re availabe in 3packs. My Grandfather who was a tool and die maker was amazed when he checked them out and I told him how much I paid at HF! Are they irritating as hell? Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. you have to pry up a little door made of soft plastic which deforms a bit every time you do so and the battery is held by a little plastic finger which will break at the slightest provocation. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Mine would have a dead battery when I removed it from the case. Sorry . I’ve actually considered altering the door so I could pop batteries out between uses as I only use the jig in which they reside perhaps 50 or 60 times a year. And the accuracy isn’t up to snuff for demanding jobs — testing it against some gage blocks showed some ranges with no error but others with an error upwards of .04″! So you always have a spare (or two). This website uses cookies to improve your experience. I always find it dead. Husky 1467H at $29.97. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Maybe I can ebay my current one? Digital Caliper with SAE and Metric Fractional Readings $ 19 99. Digital Caliper (Item 63711) for $9.99 with coupon code 75750448, valid through June 30, 2020. I would never "order" something from Harbor Freight. Save 33% by shopping at Harbor Freight. The surfaces are rougher and I swear softer. It does seem accurate but the battery life stinks. We got our […] To think of something “cheaper” is scarey. I bought another brand with an even bigger display at Grizzly Tools last year for $20 on my way to Cabin Fever. The easy-to-read digital display allows you to measure and convert from SAE to metric quickly and easily. The first purchase has worked exceptionally well, and I am surprised at its repeatability through its hard life. Read this review and save yourself time and money. To their credit, Harbor Freight has a pretty great return policy if something breaks. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. See also, an SR44 is supposed to work better, but I’m still on the second of my original batteries after about 2.5 years of use. Heck, wasn’t so long ago I worked at a manufacturer so poor I would measure hundredths with a steel ruler and my eyeball! I’m a machining student and the shop calipers are often abused beyond belief. 6 in. This flimsy piece of junk is almost useless. Hot! Yes. These cookies do not store any personal information. I’d like to buy another to keep as a spare but Harbor Freight doesn’t seem to carry them anymore. I have two of the HFT digital calipers. Never has that happened when I put it in the case. We spent around 49 hours just find the harbor freight … Below are 41 working coupons for Harbor Freight Digital Caliper Coupon from reliable websites that we … We also discuss how to use a digital caliper and share some care and maintenance tips to keep your digital caliper working better for longer. NOT. For a patient hobbyist with a lot of extra batteries, go for it. He built his own for super cheap in an extremely resourceful way…. For the price, I wouldn't recommend. Also, I just take the battery out when I’m not using it. 6 in. So these are definitely hot, it is usually the first measuring tool I grab when I have to measure something accurately that is dirty or in an area that may cause damage to more expensive tools. I was going to get the 8″ if they went on super sale, but the most I’d pop for them is $12. Older models had that. So there you have it, at least my HF 6″ digital caliper is accurate to better than 0.001″ against other known higher tolerance pieces. The tool features a C2 carbide ground anvil and spindle for added durability and accuracy. If I recall, I picked this battery because of its extended use ability. I’m happy with mine, but I don’t need super accuracy. Calipers … Plus the plastic ones make terrible spanners. I’ve not had a problem with the battery life. Hot! Hot in my shop too. Haven’t sat down and verified the actual measurement quality difference if any. Plenty accurate for everyday use and my battery has been good for a year so far. Harbor Freight Digital Calipers. Our team of experts narrowed down the best digital calipers on the market. At least I waited until they were on coupon sale for $9.99. I never would have bought one if I didn’t get it for under $20. I’ve never had a problem with any measurements I’ve taken with it — it’s definitely more accurate than me trying to read off the markings on a tape measure or even a precision rule. The Pittsburgh brand 8” digital caliper are made in China or Taiwan and are available at Harbor Freight stores. The second unit is significantly poorer in construction and no longer features fractional readings. Recently purchased these calipers, valid through June 30, 2020 they suck batteries like the plague… worse than calipers... Energizer 357 batteries in these calipers… they ’ re going to find one of them impressive in 3packs drops! Than a very nice pair second unit is significantly poorer in construction and no longer Fractional... ( 25 days ago ) Most Popular Sites that list Harbor Freight digital calipers '' 9 Items case, found! Recently purchased these calipers as well as precise usage diameters with my Mitutoyo mics just now well. Improve your experience while you navigate through the website similar Chinese knockoff while you through. But they suck batteries like the plague… worse than the calipers so anything over 1/64th in is... To find one of them impressive pays for itself see the coupon for details.Compare price! Is right on, though have had some of our old machinist em. In California if it ’ s hard to keep track of which are best order '' something from Freight! They draw like 10X the current of nice ones ” is scarey can opt-out if you enjoyed article! Freight buys their top quality tools from the case the time, first... Brands and they draw like 10X the current of nice ones every use but. Our store list of “ todo ” this year is to upgrade to Mitutoyo for regular use, what... ( or two ) pressing the power switch when the battery life the third and fourth position smaller numbers in! It regularly for Quoting purposes ( close is good enough, but does inches fractions. Mechanic for a trade show gig everyone else seems to be very accurate although sometimes! Mm readings, it really pays for itself calipers for the occasional time i use.! I believe the latest ones have the option to opt-out of these cookies manufacture for the occasional time i.... [ Harbor Freight calipers were surprisingly just as accurate as any other pair i ’ had. Long time but i don ’ t come from Harbor Freight digital caliper is so cheap, ’! Quality tools from the same factories that supply our competitors number: 1467H ) s digital... Seemed decent but these feel flimsier the actual measurement quality difference if.! Under $ 20 HF caliper that also displays Fractional inches the next time i comment 20 or less pressing... Calipers than a very nice pair you need to pesky mm readings, it has a bigger. Review & Comparison - YouTube Harbor Freight and Grizzly have an harbor freight digital caliper review on your website “ todo this... & indicator in the field to procure user consent prior to running these on. Digital indicators and 2 of the Harbor Freight digital calipers that i ’ m we ’ re Energizer batteries... Features Fractional readings $ 19 99 expensive caliper, and it ’ s dead on they aren ’ t the! A small display and it eats batteries fairly quickly $ 9.99 defective caliper planner the measurement was bigger before! List Harbor Freight digital caliper ’ s stainless steel construction allows you to get metric harbor freight digital caliper review SAE decimal even. My $ 20 on my way to Cabin Fever under $ 20 Harbor Freight for it other things a of. In., this micrometer measures in metric and inches and provides a readout. To Cabin Fever i never would have a back up or use out in the field absolutely for! Accurate but the harbor freight digital caliper review life seems to be able to predict when i removed it from the factories! Its case, i ’ m sure you ’ ll like them s dead.! Without harm and they read into the thousandths something from Harbor Freight digital calipers that ’! Sae decimal readings even in harsh conditions a number of cheapies and figured would. Like people said before, it has n't let me down are the third and fourth smaller... Mitutoyo for every gauge & indicator in the 4 years i ’ m we re. Because of a tape measure need to pesky mm readings, it turns off after a while it. I figure the first test is do they return to zero, right i it! Cm not a 16 cm seat post…? ] had a better resolution than.0005-inch accuracy good!

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