They can be introduced slowly and will increase your older rabbits fitness levels and happiness levels Non-necessary . Wild rabbits do a lot of running and jumping every day so it follows that domesticated rabbits need exercise to keep happy. Rabbits do not use exercise wheels. Rabbits possess their own unique limitations and advantages but on the whole, they do make excellent pets. It’s vitally important rabbits exercise daily during the colder months. Indoor pets are less at risk of becoming overweight because they usually get to run around a lot more than a bunny that's kept in a hutch. Just as we do, rabbits need to exercise in order to stay fit and healthy In the wild, rabbits are prey to a lot of things - foxes, stoats and birds of prey to name just a few. Rabbits tend to eat more food in winter to keep their body temperature at a stable level. These cookies do not store any personal information. The best way to give them exercise is to just get them a playpen type thing (sold at most pet stores) and let them run around it for an hour a day or so. A rabbit is considered middle aged from age 3 and geriatric from 6 years of age. Getting enough exercise is essential to your rabbits overall health and well-being. Although enrichment may involve exercise, it also involves sensory and mental stimulation by prompting animals to use the natural instincts they may not always practice in captivity. The lack of exercise contributes to the weakening of the bladder. A great way to ensure your rabbit’s safety is to use an exercise pen designed for dogs or small children to keep the rabbit … In a hutch, there is little room for binkying. Urinary tract disease has also been linked to a lack of exercise. If your rabbit's crate isn't big enough to allow him to jump and run around in, build a little enclosure (preferably indoors) for him to run and play in. Just like pet dogs and cats, rabbits need exercise to survive. A happy rabbit will binky like no tomorrow. They could probably climb a ladder but the best thing would be a ramp of some sort. Exercise is an important part of a rabbit's life, and playtime is often the best exercise. Exercise and Fitness for Older Rabbits is just as important. The animal must not be caged all day as it will lead a miserable existence and lack any will to survive. They love to run around. A rabbit’s primary means of avoiding these creatures is to run away, fast, and preferably into their warren. Do: Consider getting a replacement buddy for your rabbit if their old partner has passed away. Exercising rabbits in winter. To witness that happy behaviour, you will need to let your rabbit out to exercise … Non-necessary. Do not exercise your rabbit in an area where he can nibble on poisonous plants or where the grass and foliage have been sprayed with pesticides or fertilizers. Among the many other things you need to do to care for your rabbit, it’s important that they have regular enrichment.Like all animals, rabbits need daily activity—and not just the physical kind. Rabbits are very smart and they need toys. Make sure to increase your rabbit’s food and hay in the colder months, so they have enough energy to stay warm. Rabbits that do not receive enough play time risk developing GI Statis and other Gastro-Intestinal problems.

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