Too Much Oxidative Stress Causes Premature Aging. Supplementation of Spirulina platensis and Chlorella vulgaris Algae into Probiotic Fermented Milks. I was turned on to an extremely particular species of marine phytoplankton. ...Then imagine your glass of "super juice" was perfectly nano-sized, for complete and immediate bioavailable absorption? Unknown author. ...And over 80% of us are chronically deficient in at least some of these essential minerals, especially magnesium. Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety. BOTTOM LINE: After understanding the magnitude of how this supernatural solution can benefit your health, you'd have to be crazy not to put Oceans Alive into your body every single day! Yet, there's a conflicting and ironic piece to this story... And that is that I'm still HERE (and I plan to be for a very long time). I wasn't losing any more weight. ...And as I mentioned, male family members on my mother’s side died prematurely in their early 50s, and things were looking EXTREMELY grim for me... Well, as I stated, I had discovered marine phytoplankton through a friend 7 years ago... And not only did I begin experiencing EXTRAORDINARY RESULTS, but... Marine phytoplankton became the CORE of my nutrition through my entire recovery! P.P.P.S. Over time, this can lead to serious issues.). (Methylation = the evolving of LIFE, while de-methylation is the BREAKDOWN of life.). After finding it, and consuming it religiously, my problems completely VANISHED. Yet our closest primate relatives, chimpanzees, produce 40 millilitres of SOD and live an average of only 40 years! *This is crucial for your health and longevity! Stabilized in a trace mineral solution (maintaining freshness and 100% bioavailability of precious nutrients!). It contains more SOD not only than any other marine phytoplankton, but than any other source on Earth! (1999). ). I take Ian’s Ocean’s Alive 2.0 Marine Phytoplankton … But what phytoplankton also does, is it converts things like seawater, minerals, sunlight, CO2 and over 200 living organic life-providing nutrients into a FUEL that your body can use, IMMEDIATELY — at the cellular level! I was down for the count, and everyone around me knew I was growing desperate... My name is Ian Clark, and I'm the Founder of an elite-nutritional line you may know as "Activation Products". We knew we were not interested in doing what everyone else does: growing microalgae in an open pond or ocean environment. You will feel more energy surging through your body! Increases bio-photon communication & energy at the speed of light! This is why Oceans Alive will always be a cut-above. Chlorella’s Nutritional Analysis. Our focus is to educate our readers with unbiased health articles and on the side we run our own online health shop. Once this happens, your liver can't absorb the necessary materials to build new cells! Brown. (BHB Salts, Esters & MCT). Oceans Alive contains essential minerals to keep things running smoothly! This nutritional anomaly was CENTRAL to my recovery & peak in vitality and I firmly believe it can do the same for optimizing your health! P.P.S. I hope you enjoy the site, and like what we have worked hard to create, any feedback is very much welcome, after all this site is for you! I found it to be the #1 staple that was bringing my health back! What is Marine Phytoplankton? In other words, we have created a closed off ‘mini-ocean’, without the pollution, waste, toxicity, heavy metals and bacteria of the real one! This lack of information is not a criticism of Oceans Alive, and merely an observation. *In fact... Just ONE DOSE of Oceans Alive triggers your body to replenish BILLIONS of healthy new cells!! Oceans Alive Price & Purchase. Oceans Alive is the most elite, naturally genetically-selected marine phytoplankton in the world. Marine Phytoplankton Offers Antioxidant Support for Cancer Treatments like Chemotherapy. I’d have thought that any significant difference in health benefits between Nannochloropsis and other phytoplankton will come from any polyphenol difference, if indeed there is one. Your health is our passion. Oceans Alive is one of the best selling Marine Phytoplankon supplements on the market. As always, you are completely protected by our respected 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. It was surprisingly difficult to get a definitive answer to this, but after some time I can say with a high degree of confidence that it is a type of phytoplankton called Nannochloropsis. (2016). As they are non-essential (and also quite complex), they tend not to attract as much attention as essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals. We simply didn't want air pollution or environmental contaminants — like heavy metals and radiation from things like Fukushima fallout — mixing with the seawater where the marine phytoplankton grows. Like other types of phytoplankton, Nannochloropsis contains a range of vitamins including vitamin C, vitamin A (as beta-carotene), B vitamins, and vitamin E. Nannochloropsis doesn’t contain any vitamin D, but this is common in phytoplankton. (...And not just healthy for an "old guy", but HEALTHIER than anyone else around me! The amount of oxygen inside your cells is in direct correlation with the number of extra electrons your cells possess. It was only with years of care, dedication, millions of dollars invested in research... and strict attention to the smallest, minute details... from production to harvesting to storage... that we are able to bring you this supernatural food in its pure, raw, state — now enhanced through natural genetic selection! Oceans Alive, touted as a superfood made from marine phytoplankton, specifically the strain known as NannochloropsisGaditona, which contains balanced levels of enzymes, fatty acids, amino acids, … Avoiding all of them is nearly impossible. This means is it has just the right amount and balance of amino acids, enzymes, fatty acids, minerals and pigments — the building blocks our bodies use to repair DNA, produce glutathione and generate growth hormones and stem cells! To ensure you always have your supply.. Also, because we fully-expect to run out of inventory, routinely due to the high-demand of this product, we're offering you the option to join our PRIORITY CLUB, where you'll receive your supply of Oceans Alive each and every month! Fuel for the brain. Repairs DNA damage.

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