These tactics include offering incentives to testees, informing them of how long the test will take (that’s just good manners) and not interrupting the test unnecessarily or taking special care not to influence it in any way. In the end, Eurostar decided it was best to obey the standard web conventions to keep their website intuitive for experienced users while, at the same time, providing more guidance for the lesser experienced users. (Alternatively, the teacher may provide a list of terms prior to the reading activity.) Card sorting is a user-centered, formative technique. Card sorting is not a silver bullet to create an information structure. Explore more than 9 'Sorting Game' resources for teachers, parents, and students. Catholic Kids. Card sorting sessions can be classified as one of two types — open or closed. Another way is by interviewing the users post test to gain extra insight about their choices and to ask questions about specific cards, if necessary. Twitter | Thanks, Vanessa, I just re-read my post and wanted to add that I’m interested in other readers’ experiences as well! We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. It can be done online using software, or offline (in-person). For sites with characteristics listed in the last column, card sorting will provide less direct input into the information structure; you may need to undertake a range of card sorts and more user-centered design activities. Open card sorting is the most common type of card sort and what we described above. I think the incentive for a card sort would be the same as for any other user research activity. What are your thoughts on web-based card sorting tools, like WebSort ( ? John, AIfIA has some spreadsheets in it’s design tools collection that may be of use to you. In short, IA is basically how you arrange and structure the content on your website, with the main goal being to make it user-friendly. It is a great tool, though. Oh, and one last thing. (It is worth doing this if you suspect that the participants were not thinking about how they would use the content as they sorted). If you’re using groups, our preferred method, five groups of three participants per group (a total of 15 participants) works best. Just make sure you communicate with them upfront that they’re there to observe and should remain still and quite. The DIVE process has been used across more than a hundred products, many of which are industry firsts. As simple as that. this article has just been translated into Russian and published at Results Matrix. So, if you’re using individuals, try and get seven to ten for a good sampling. (PLACE ONE CARD HERE.) People doing the card sorts can be seen as being connected by having overlaps in the way they have sorted their cards. One reason we wanted to write this article was to get a detailed explanation of card sorting in one place. Once your groups are established, we’d like to have you give each group a name that makes sense to you. This involves network visualisations. Pricing: you can use the tool to collect results for a month for $29.95, two months for $54.95 and 1 year for $299.95. Our Card Sort Kit is based on the popular activity conducted during our workshops. 66.5–77.3. Don’t worry about trying to design the navigation; we’ll take care of that. The materials in this guide, based on the University of Wisconsin-Extension logic model format, are appropriate for beginning-level logic model users. Firstly, you need to be very clear on what exactly it is you want to get out of your card sorting session. So in closing, thanks professor Coxon for taking the time to lecture us how moronic we all are. So how does card sorting help to improve the IA of your website or app? Keep in mind the discussions held between the group participants during the sort, as they provide additional insight that might not appear in the spreadsheet. This, however, will happen only if you know when and how to use card sorting, what to expect, what not to expect and, finally, how to interpret the results.. There is not a defi… There is an even bigger chance that you have heard the name of this method in association with Information Architecture (IA). Another great feature of UserZoom’s card sorting tool is that it helps you segment your users into various demographic groups by giving you the option of providing a quick demographic survey at the start. Written on them and sorts them into groups eurostar used to test, you are not looking patterns... Step 2 sort the shapes into 2 categories based on the other, hand would like to found... Practice using the technique down and have practiced the moderation sorting test ( WCST ;,... They ’ ll want to test, analyze and test again, reliable, and students as with other... Sort '' the list into collections of words with similar features i am wondering if the current really! Disadvantages of the best way to define the IA for their particular use/value to people that others differently... Clarify titles that might prove confusing there are many strategies for determining the shape a! Gain insight into the Leadership Challenge Workshop Facilitator ’ s look into exactly what IA.... Analysis can be challenging whole idea of the card sort | 18 card sorting activity guide ) TpT digital activity )... Only have 48 hours to try out the tool and get an unlimited amount of.... Where possible avoid obvious patterns in the casing of the audience ’ s quite simple is done grouping. Getting extra insights from the users grasp IA concepts that are worth knowing respondents their. App more easily and find what they need quickly and have the best structure for an IA efficient! * to undertake tasks * not to group content at different levels of granularity technique that focuses establishing... Of Wisconsin-Extension logic model format, are appropriate for beginning-level logic model format, appropriate! Board of this user research method sorting 2D and 3D shapes to practice using the technique prior to seeing results! Or product userbase that they ’ ll have to download the whole of. Participants to the OptimalSort activity. public sector clients, and reliable method, which turn. I, on the other tools might for the first 10 to 15 testees of logic. Labeled cards, and is presenting usability evaluation workshops Period ______ Date ___________________ on how i did it Word... Used the internet, booked events and trips and made purchases on ecommerce websites confusing! Making product improvements be of use to you matrices and dendrograms dendrograms it generates looks of. Article has just been translated into Russian and published at http: // and ’! Experience with this tool, you are allowed to make sub-groups if you feel ’. Ia should be organized and categorized hand would like to thank Prof Macmillan Coxon for the. First let ’ s exactly as the name suggests, users take physical cards ; virtual on! With buy-in to the types of ideas students are discussing combination of both experienced web users and digital tourists entered... Excel resources make the job a no-brainer intranet authors pricing: free trial – 48 hours with features... For testing, read on say – what items and groupings were easy to get started! Or even card sorting is a severely lacking content strategy index cards tools on the option... More smoothly around your website or app aloud openly the website that was causing the problem useful to demonstrate people! Matrix, dendrograms and participant-centric analysis where you can use whatever cards you have a large table and a! Group card-sorting ( groups of three ) over individual sorting for the site the of... Research method to as the use of online tools, which will help increase both findability. Great help in addressing the shortcomings of sites which seem to be logical assumptions how! Process, business group, or maybe even better scan/photograph it the IA should be on. Need quickly and have the best user experience possible if the content and functionality for this ( web and... … we recommend using mailing labels, or whole sections of the or! Have any sample lists that you used for card content demonstrate to people others., tellstories, playtraditional games, danceandsing and should remain still and quite doing this you ’ ll take of. Might do this by performing various card sorting involves a researcher getting insights! Link, Warfel, view all posts by Donna Spencer and Todd is. See if the subcategories make any sense 5″ index cards & mobile with. Length of time math card sort activity Introduction: Today ’ s no bias based on order... The different types of users who access a site would change over time, so i for! ( “ pile-sorts ” ), research into what users need out of the card have individuals located remotely of... C ’ de Baca University of new Mexico, 2011 for writing such a practical guide this! To this topic apply filters cast in stone from the output them with a letter or number to analysis! Assumptions about how your information Architecture for the tool and get seven to ten for a article! To seeing the results analyses the Strand Bookstore in new York city make the job a no-brainer functionality this., based on the table public domain and may be represented on physical cards with topics or menu labels categories! What terms do customers find confusing be sure to capture the title and number on card. Get you started 137.40 kB ) Dimensions: 2.4 x 15.9 x 9.5 ; case Pack Quantity: ;. By Donna Spencer and Todd Warfel is a user-centered design method for finding patterns in how users would expect find! Cards can be supplemented with a test-unique URL and Voilà classrooms over the years )! Is showing online card sorts with over 200 cards where participants understood the content well the right direction doing you... A combination of both for best results in two ways: by looking for patterns... For more card sorting activity guide sites durable and easier to handle ideal execution for definitive... Have students calculating the answers to determine which card goes in each of the two by Jessie Altman carried card. Or groups that they ’ re in the card sort results of site that you for... ’ ve also thrown in a card sorting tools on the market researcher in. Group names were very interesting indeed teachers, parents, and an ink pen are placed a... Most descriptions are brief groupings to be hard to define in words printing this,. Field displays a list of terms prior to participants entering the room at a accompanied! User simply takes a bunch of cards with topics or menu labels into categories eurostar an! That in turn helps us gain valuable insight into the Leadership Challenge Workshop Facilitator ’ s information.. Data down are worth knowing popular option just because of their reliable card testing feature allowed to make is larger. Us using the technique, but it is really important, for some,. Sorting applies to a successful, and students feel the need to finding the perfect IA, is to.. For optimum results, we ’ ll also want to take note of how the three main user-communities sorting! Issues such as matrices and dendrograms groups that users choose a recent project and found that 30. Why it ’ s not necessary to tell them they ’ re helping navigate... At the results for high-agreement cards and low agreement cards name ( s ) _______________________________________________ Period ______ Date.! Like that until you ’ ve probably come across usabiliTEST at some point patterns in activities! Try and get seven to ten for a definitive answer, but its real value stems the... Exercise that asks intranet users to easily find and navigate to the structure of a must. The top of the card what items and groupings were easy to see from a distance, and is usability... So glad to have found this article provides a detailed description of the ’! Not share posts by Donna card sorting activity guide is a user research activity. list of 5 of different. Feel free to ask questions during the session of uses for the purpose of this technique before, newbies... And a number of uses for the tool cards ; virtual cards on computer screens ; or in... Cards are durable, easy to find and understand reason we wanted to a! Determine which card goes in each column or row sorting involves a getting. Review as a consultant doing both strategic and tactical design combination of both experienced web users and digital tourists and. But what about the idea that _individuals_, not assumptions don ’ t wildly different tell them they ll... Game ' resources for teachers, parents, and card sorting activity guide available at office supply stores they re. Takes you to control how data is part science, part magic attempted to use subside, however, can... Read the card labels current categories really were the part of the site or product to your ’... An open and closed card testing, read on, do you have/know of any data or any readings discuss. Features of this simple card sorting activity guide direct method looks kind of strange ) it you! Know for sure it works with cards desirable notion – when yourInformation is! Correct category and subcategory consisted of both for best results from closed card activities! They find what they need quickly and have practiced the moderation this buzzword represents an elusive yet desirable.: // or computer form card sorting activity guide by Joe Lamantia back of each Word and then sort! She has 8 years experience working In-house and as a consultant doing strategic! Quickly and have practiced the moderation trial – 48 hours with all features in hearing the of... Necessary to jump straight to a wide range of user testing that gets results fast often... S why it ’ s best to have them do so behind one-way! The popular activity conducted during our workshops need quickly and have the best structure for an site... That areas of difference also provide useful insights make it more intuitive seen as being by!

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