Insights Publishing Ltd


Insights Publishing Ltd is a young publishing company aiming to bring informed editorial and debate to the healthcare sector in areas currently under-served by good quality journals. Our aim is to evolve a series of journals that focus on either specific topic areas or distinct groups of individuals with similar professional needs and environments.

Our attitude is that our journals should be driven by the needs of the groups they serve and thus be politically neutral & without personal agenda. That does not mean that they won’t have views but instead will seek to support a range of views and encourage diversity of such.


Clinical Career

Clinical Career is aimed primarily at doctors and with an obvious but not absolute leaning towards trainees, of all stages. However, the consultant career is changing too. Some years ago, consultants rarely moved once they had accepted a substantive post and yet it is comparatively commonplace to find consultants moving multiple times over their career today. Consequently, Clinical Career should be of interest to consultants too and of course consultants supervise and advise trainees, making Clinical Career fairly required reading for the College Tutor or Clinical Supervisor. We’d go so far as to say ‘anybody’ with career aspirations or likely to make changes.

The evolving healthcare landscape presents many career challenges. Careers are far from secure or assured today and regardless of the aspiration individuals set out with, changes to the landscape require an update to plans and the routes to achieving them. This is an important area to us. It’s difficult enough to make informed career decisions when the career landscape is stable. We’d like to contribute to informed decisions even when everything seems to be changing around you.

We invite you to subscribe to Clinical Career and we look forward to serving you.


Nuts & Bolts

So, what does a subscription to Clinical Career provide or do? Well, firstly, it’s free. That’s a status we are going to try to maintain and it’s made possible by supporting the journal in other ways, including the gracious time and effort gifted by a range of contributors and some advertising revenue too.

We’d like to think that our readers are also our contributors and with our ethos of being deeply involved with, rather than just ‘writing at’ our core audiences, we’d like to therefor invite you to contribute too.

More Information on Contributing

Besides this, you can expect:

  • Steady stream of informative articles & advice posted to the site
  • Regular downloadable version for viewing on your iPad or preferred device
  • Bulletins highlighting new articles, so you don’t just have to remember to check frequently
  • Special emails when the news is BIG

What we won’t do is flood you with advertising or fill your inbox unnecessarily. That’s not the point at all and we all get enough ‘stuff’ already.