Want To Reach Our Audience?

Clinical Career is a journal aimed at doctors from their earliest forays into clinical medicine right through gaining a consultant post and onwards to eventual retirement. It exists in a purely digital version, the future in our minds, allowing us to balance accessibility, visual impact and low cost distribution, whilst providing advertising opportunities designed to deliver a positive return on investment by saving you money at the front end.

We are a EDITORIAL QUALITY journal first and advertising revenue is used primarily to help fund more editorial. That ensures that the needs and readers and advertisers are balanced and aligned, which is better for both!



The journal is accessible only through subscription, an active choice by its community, not something that is thrust into their inboxes regardless of whether they want it. That means that although subscription is free, this is an active user-base, not a passive one.

At last count, we had just over 9,000 subscribers. We’re very proud of that.



We are a young journal, despite our huge success in attracting a significant subscriber base. That means that we are what we would call PROMOFLEXIBLE. Rather than having a fixed set of options, we’d rather work with our advertisers to develop a solution that really works for you and us alike.


Benefits of  Clinical Career

  • Digital – designed to be active continuously
  • Weekly – each week, as we publish more, we let people know to remind them to visit
  • High editorial content with limited advertising – improves the impact of your advert
  • Higher likelihood of successful call-to-action than print journals, by simply clicking through.
  • Extremely cost-effective compared to print – no print and postage costs!
  • Targeted audience but without the premium.


Some Ideas

The following are some of the things we’d be prepared to entertain:

  • Banner adverts – in lots of different places
  • Advertorial – content written by you under our editorial guidance
  • Focused articles with adverts embedded – focus on topics you direct us too
  • Regular contribution – section contributions linked to banner adverts

To discuss your requirements and ideas, contact us on advertise@clinicalcareer.co.uk and we’d be happy to discuss options.