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Foreign Focus – New York

The city of New York needs absolutely no introduction, being probably the most recognisable urban landscape anywhere on the planet. Unlike other destinations, the attractions of Manhattan hardly need to be listed, so without...

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Foreign Focus – Zürich

There are many abiding reasons to work in one of the most economically successful and geographically spectacular countries in the world. In many ways, Switzerland is a unique nation, and thus healthcare professionals are...

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Foreign Focus – Paris

There are few more attractive cities for people in any profession than Paris, France (as opposed to Paris, Texas). Both the municipal and cultural capital of France, Paris understandably attracts professionals from a wide...

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Foreign Focus – Sydney

Sydney is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular, iconic and attractive cities on the planet, and coupled with the exotic climate of Australia this makes the New South Wales city one of the most attractive destinations for...

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Foreign Focus – Alberta

In the existing NHS climate, it is perhaps not surprising that many qualified healthcare professionals are seeking to work overseas. There are a wide variety of locales available to physicians, and making a decision can often be...

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Foreign Focus – Amsterdam

Amsterdam is an infamously popular destination for British libertines, but it can also be the ideal European location for qualified GPs. The capital and the most populous City in the Netherlands arguably benefits culturally from...

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