Interpersonal Skills & Dealing with Difficult People

Duration: 1 day
Provider: Grow Medical LLP
Course Author(s): Andrew Vincent & Paul Hollinshead

As facilitators, we think there are very few courses that deliver such a life-long benefit in the space of a day. This is perhaps because the subject matter is 100% focused on things that are happening to us literally all day long, every day. Even a small percentage improvement in our interpersonal effectiveness carries a huge aggregate return on the time or money invested.

Why so positive a viewpoint?

Success in healthcare is a function of team interaction. That team is constructed of individuals with wildly different roles – consultant, junior doctor, nurse, allied professional, admin staff, each with different priorities and criteria for success. However, it’s the human difference, rather than the role difference that presents us with our greatest challenges, from basic misunderstandings to abject difficulties or stress in our interactions. We tend to naturally get it right for those just like us but the farther away, psychologically, an individual is from us, the higher the chance of discourse, misunderstandings and even clinical errors.

However, an understanding of that difference alongside a heightened flexibility in how you approach your interactions produces a step-change in the ease with which you can get things done and, for many, almost negates the cohort of people they see as ‘difficult’ (who are typically just the most different from you). The more the understanding and skills become unconscious competence, the more naturally you adapt your interactions. This produces a huge gain in productivity with the added benefit of a big reduction in stress too.

We are the facilitators and so of course we think the programme is priceless. However, it is also worth noting some of the feedback received from course participants too.

Course Feedback

“No management claptrap or psychobabble – very thought provoking with practical advice.”
Clinical Director, Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust

“It is an inspirational course to deal with our/my colleagues on a daily basis”
Consultant Anaesthetist, University Hospitals Of Morecambe Bay NHS Trust

“Should be ‘de rigeur’ for all medical managers”
Medical Director, St Helen’s & Knowsley Hospitals NHS Trust

“If more colleagues attended and had greater understanding of these concepts, we might be more productive!”
Consultant Anaesthetist, Salford Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

“Kept me engaged throughout the session. Does teach good skills.”
Consultant/Senior Lecturer, Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust

“Absolutely essential for clinicians”
Consultant Surgeon, Hampshire Clinic

“A very useful course in understanding how human factors play an important role in influencing and negotiating”
Consultant Ophthalmologist, Shrewsbury & Telford Hospitals NHS Trust

“Enjoyable & worthwhile way to develop important skills”
Consultant Radiologist, Hull Royal Infirmary

“Fantastic day, delivered by an enthusiastic and knowledgable person”
Deputy Superintendent Radiology, Sheffield Children’s Hospital NHS Trust